Saturday, February 18, 2012

David Jones: Culture and Artifice --Conference Information

All the important information about the upcoming conference on David Jones:Culture and Artifice is now available online at The conference, to be held at Washington Adventist Uniiversity March 29-30, will include an art exhibit, academic papers and discussions, a poetry reading, and the North American premiere of the film "David Jones between the Wars: The Years of Achievement" a new feature length documentary by Derek Shiel and Adam Alive.


  1. Dear Kathy
    I am a late appreciator of the art of David Jones; I wonder if you know of any recordings that are available of his reading his work. I think I read somewhere that he recorded part of The Sleeping Lord.
    thanks very much

    1. Yes, he recorded "The Sleeping Lord" and also some other poems. Check out a series called "The Poet Speaks" put out by Caedmon. I think you'll turn up whatever is still readily available commercially.

  2. Hi. I'm an MA Student in UK working on Jones' Chester Play of the Deluge illustrations for my disertation. I was trying to find out how to join the David Jones Society - but the web link takes me to strange places. Can you help?

    By the way - for Chuck - There is an archive recording of Richard Burton reading In Parenthesis in the British Library. A tape, I believe, though I haven't heard it someone should revive it!