Thursday, November 11, 2010

Armistice Day Update

Veteran’s Day/ Armistice Day seems an appropriate time to post this update on recent work on David Jones. Here's what I've heard from people -- also providing links to work available online from these DJ society members.

Thomas Dilworth
’s book, David Jones in the Great War will be published by Enitharmon Press in 2011. Thomas Goldpaugh is completing an edition of the Grail Mass manuscripts. Tom recently published an article entitled "To Make (and Unmake) a Shape in Words: David Jones and the Continuation of The Anathemata: fragments of an attempted writing," in a volume entitled Left Out: Texts and Ur-Texts, published by Textes universitaires de Nancy.

Saskya Jain presented a paper entitled "Performing Allusion in David Jones’s In Parenthesis" at the conference of the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers (ALSCW) in Princeton November 5-7, 2010. A longer version of this paper, entitled "Ancestral Memory, Ancient Unity: Footnotes as Poetic Device in David Jones’s In Parenthesis," is forthcoming in Literary Imagination.

Nora Delaney, of Boston University, also presented a paper at the ALSCW conference. Her paper, "'Things Laid Up From Other Things': Allusion in the Work of David Jones," at the ALSCW conference in Princeton on November 6. considered allusion in In Parenthesis, and also drew on Anathemata. Nora is completing work on a paper entitled "Portrait or Self-Portrait? René Hague Editing the Letters of David Jones."

Kathleen Staudt is just back from travels to England and Wales, where she was interviewed by Derek Shiel for the documentary film "David Jones Between the Wars," a work in progress produced by Adam Alive. She also visited Capel y ffin, where she met up with Anne Price-Owen, who was being interviewed for a BBC series on Welsh artists which will feature two segments on David Jones.

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