Friday, March 4, 2011

Poetry reading and a recent video on David Jones

I saw Carlo Parcelli, editor of the Flashpoint special issue on David Jones (read it here), last night at Kensington Row Bookstore in Kensington, Maryland, where he gave a performance of selections from his sequence of poems called "The Canaanite Gospel" -- an unapologetically revisionist (not to say irreverent: but I'll OK, I'll say it. . . ) telling of scenes around the gospel stories, with a "passover plot" premise. Most interesting were the voices inspired by David Jones's Roman poems -- Carlo performed part of "The Fatigue" in cockney voice, per David Jones's suggestion in the preface to In Parenthesis, to set up the voice of his own Roman captain, one Severinus. A terrific performance. Read more here on Carlo's one-man show. It was good to meet up with Carlo, as well as Rosalie, and Brad Haas and Jack Foley, all from the Flashpoint team.

Anne Price-Owen was interviewed for a BBC segment on David Jones, in a series they're doing on the art of Wales. The interview takes place at Capel y ffin - great images here.